Save Your Riverside re-states opposition to use of Chambers Wharf

In early October, Save Your Riverside responded to Thames Water’s publicity for its pre-application documents which it has had to publish under section 48 of the Planning Act, in advance of their actual application for consent (the Development Consent Order) which they expect to lodge in January 2013.

Given Thames Water’s reluctance to make any major changes to their proposals for the tunnel after the Phase 2 consultation closed last February, there was no surprise that their s.48 documents repeated their earlier proposals on all major issues including the use of Chambers Wharf as a major construction site for driving and receiving the main tunnel, and receiving the Greenwich connection tunnel.

Save Your Riverside, has re-stated its objections to a major construction site in Southwark, questioned again the proposed tunnelling drive proposals and the internal process by which they have selected Chambers Wharf as a major site.

Furthermore we have also stressed once again the dire impact on residents and our local schools of a major construction site for 7 years of which at least 3 years would involve 24/7 construction.

You can read SYR’s full submission here.

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