Super Sewer application to be made

Thames Water has confirmed that its Application for Development Consent to construct the Thames Tideway Tunnel will be submitted to the government’s planning inspectorate on 28 February 2013. The application is the largest handled to date by the new infrastructure planning process and is expected to be about 50,000 pages in length!

Application for Development Consent

Application for Development Consent

What happens next?
For most of March the planning inspectorate will be considering if the application is in the correct form, and will decide if the pre-application consultation exercises have been conducted properly.

In the event the application is accepted, Save Your Riverside and our professional advisers, will examine the proposals in detail assessing the impact for Southwark in general and in particular the proposals for Chambers Wharf area.

We will then hold a public meeting, probably in April or May, so that you can ask questions, express your views and hear the advice we are being given. More details will be announced nearer the date of the meeting.

After that we will be registering as an interested party and preparing to take part in the six months long planning examination into the application.

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