Final deadline for your written representations

The planning inspectors started their examination of Thames Water’s application to build the Thames Tideway Tunnel in mid-September and are due to complete the task in March. Supporters who registered as Interested Parties back in May have until Monday November 4 to submit any written representations you want to make, and we urge you to please take this last major opportunity as your views will complement the robust submission being made by Save Your Riverside.

Representations are best emailed (there may be a postal strike) to Please quote reference WW010001, and your unique reference number given to you when you registered.

Do tell the inspectors what you think about Thames Water’s selection , and proposed use, of Chambers Wharf as a major construction site for the tunnel. You may want to refer to such matters as the impact on your life in terms of noise and other pollution from seven years of site working (including three of 24/7 operation), and the threat posed by 65,000 lorry movements, and many other vehicles, on our quiet residential roads so close to our schools. If the alternatives to Chambers Wharf are not accepted, then local impact would be much reduced by driving the tunnel westwards from Abbey Mills – as Thames Water themselves proposed at Phase One consultation in autumn 2010.

Larger barges
You may have heard that Thames Water is now proposing to use much larger barges (5500 tonnes) at Chambers Wharf. This could obviate barge movements at night (2200-0800) but the penalty would be more intense daytime noise (including weekends), and more HGV movements at times when the larger barges cannot operate. Our professional advisers are assessing these new proposals – but any reduction in impact would be small compared to reversing the direction of drive of the tunnel so that Chambers Wharf became a reception-only site. If you would like to see the details please email

Oral hearings
Two oral hearings of great importance to our campaign have been called by the inspectors, which Interested Parties and the public can attend, details are in the letter of October 15 sent to Interested Parties. No doubt as a direct result of our efforts on November 12 there is a specific hearing at which the professional experts from both sides will debate the Chambers Wharf site and the associated drive strategy. In close concert with Southwark council Save Your Riverside will be fielding our barrister and a leading engineer and acoustician.

Do please come along to the second hearing, which is an open floor hearing on the tunnel project for the Southwark area at 1030 on Friday November 22 at the Glaziers Hall (close to London Bridge). Interested Parties can speak (please notify the inspectors in advance on the address above if you intend to do so) and you need to register from 0930; non-registered members of the public will probably be permitted to speak later in the meeting. We are expecting our local political representatives to attend to speak up for our community.

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