Residents invited to Super Sewer Open Hearing

Save Your Riverside (SYR) is urging residents and Londoners to voice their opinions on the super sewer at the upcoming planning inspectorate open floor hearings across the city. The Examining authority (ExA) has decided to hold open floor hearings in a number of locations and venues that are close to some of the application work sites and communities that it has received most representations from.

9 Montague Close London SE1 9DD

Glaziers Hall, 9 Montague Close London SE1 9DD

Residents local to Southwark and any Londoners opposing the proposed solution should attend the hearing on Friday 22 November 2013 at Glaziers Hall 9 Montague Close London SE1 9DD near London Bridge station. The Hall is under London Bridge on the way to Southwark Cathedral.

Registration is from 09.00am to 09:30am. The hearing start time will be 09:30am.

We must make a good show to demonstrate our opposition. This will be your last chance.

Commenting on the importance of attending the hearing Save Your Riverside’s chairwoman Rita Cruise O’Brien said: “It is absolutely critical that any residents who want to air their opinions against the proposed solution and the use of Chambers Wharf in Southwark attend the open hearing. This sewer will ruin the lives of thousands of local residents and school children in an area that just isn’t suitable for a project of this scale and the thousands of proposed lorry movements per day. We can only urge the Inspectorate to please reconsider the proposed route and look at alternatives to Chambers Wharf and other highly residential sites, to a route that would significantly reduce the overall impact. Thames Water did also admit that it would be possible in theory to avoid the site altogether by using Abbey Mills as the drive site instead.”

Southwark Council has submitted its written representation and Local Impact Report to the Planning Inspectorate and Leader of Southwark Council, Cllr Peter John, will be voicing the council’s strong concerns about the proposals.

Cllr John said: “We strongly believe these proposals will blight the lives and safety of families living in the Chamber’s Wharf area, day and night, for far too long, and just to make life a little easier for Thames Water.

“Our own assessment shows that the reasons given for creating the main tunnel drive at Chamber’s Wharf are not essential to the plans, there are other more suitable sites that have been dismissed out of hand that will have much less of an impact on fewer people, and Thames Water are wrong to suggest otherwise.

“I would welcome anyone who wants to come down and join us on Friday to show how strongly they object to these plans.”

Each interested party who has notified the ExA and indicated a wish to speak will be called in turn and will be allowed a maximum speaking time of five minutes for their oral submission: a group or organisation will be allowed a maximum speaking time of fifteen minutes. SYR will also be making its own submission.

Oral submissions should be based on representations previously made in writing by the particular participant. However, representations made at the hearing should not simply repeat matters previously covered in a written submission, but rather provide further detail, explanation and evidential corroboration to help inform the ExA.

Each party who wishes to speak will be invited forward in turn to speak at a table set up in front of the Examining authority. The remainder of the seating will be set up in theatre style to accommodate those waiting to present evidence and those who are attending to hear the submissions made.

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