Below is the press coverage we have generated from our PR campaign so far. If you are a member of the press, a local business or resident wanting to help with the PR campaign going forward feel free to get in contact with our press officer Ana Williams.

Date Headline Publication
2015-01-22 Super sewer legal challenge thrown out by judge because council submitted court papers one day late Evening Standard
2015-01-19 High Court rejects Southwark Council “supersewer” challenge on technicality Water Briefing
2015-01-16 Chambers Wharf: Southwark’s super-sewer challenge rejected by High Court SE16
2015-01-16 Judge Throws Out Council’s High Court Challenge of Super Sewer Southwark News
2014-10-31 Southwark Rejects Super Sewer LBC
2014-10-31 Two legal challenges for “super sewer” ITV
2014-10-31 Southwark Council launches ‘super sewer’ legal challenge BBC
2014-10-30 Super-sewer “will wreck children’s education” Evening Standard
2014-10-30 Southwark Council confirms application for judicial Review on Tideway Tunnel Water Briefing
2014-10-30 Chambers Wharf – Southwark challenges ‘super sewer’ in ‘David and Goliath’ fight SE16
2014-09-18 Drain stops play Southwark News
2014-09-16 ‘This Stinks’ South London Press
2014-09-12 ‘Super-sewer’ in London and south-east could add £80 to water bills Guardian
2014-09-12 Thames Tideway Tunnel planning approval blasted by Southwark Council Construction News
2014-09-12 Southwark may bring legal challenge against Tideway verdict New Civil Engineer
2014-09-12 London’s ‘super sewer’ gets the go ahead BBC News
2014-09-12 Thames Water’s supersewer secures planning permission Financial Times
2014-09-12 Controversial £4.2bn ‘supersewer’ given the go ahead Evening Standard
2014-09-12 Residents’ anger as Thames Tideway Tunnel is approved Wharf
2014-09-12 Government backing for Thames ‘super sewer’ SE1
2014-09-12 Water bills to rise by £80 as London super sewer approved Telegraph
2014-02-04 Engineer: ‘I backed £4billion Thames Water super-sewer but it’s too dear’ Evening Standard
2014-01-30 Public to give views on super sewer Southwark News
2014-01-30 Sewer protesters urged to make voices heard Wharf
2014-01-14 Liquid Assets BBC Radio 4
2013-12-09 Sir Neville Simms becomes chairman of Thames Tideway Tunnel Financial Times
2013-12-05 Thames Water should not be allowed to escape taxes Metro
2013-11-20 Supersewer: residents urged to turn out on Friday to oppose Chambers Wharf plans SE16
2013-11-14 Residents urged to attend sewer meeting Southwark News
2013-11-03 London’s £4.1bn ‘super sewer’ is kicking up a stink as campaigners label it a ‘monster’ Independent
2013-10-18 Let Thames Water pay, not customers South London Press
2013-09-20 Supersewer enquiry starts South London Press
2013-09-13 Campaigners react as super sewer plans put under the spotlight
2013-09-12 How would the ‘super sewer’ be built? BBC News
2013-08-22 Sewer protesters angry at bill rises The Wharf
2013-08-16 Fury over hike in water bills South London Press
2013-08-15 Water Cheek Guardian
2013-08-13 Thames Water price increase criticised by MP and super sewer campaigners SE16
2013-07-12 Sewer Route Danger! South London Press
2013-06-11 Fight against the sewer
will continue, pledge
South London Press
2013-06-05 United front against Thames Tunnel site Southwark News
2013-06-04 Lib Dems voice residents’ Super Sewer objections London Liberal Democrats
2013-06-04 Council and Lib Dems set out Chambers Wharf supersewer objections
2013-05-07 Cash boost for tunnel protesters The Wharf
2013-05-03 Supersewer fight gets a £5,000 town hall boost South London Press
2013-05-02 Super sewer group get £5k to help fight Southwark News
2013-04-30 Community council gives £5k to anti-supersewer fighting fund
2013-04-03 Planning inspectors give green light for super sewer decision Fulham Chronicle
2013-03-28 £4bn supersewer opponents to fight on over 50,000-page plan Evening Standard
2013-03-19 Who would live next to sewer? South London Press
2013-02-28 Plans for Thames super-sewer submitted The Wharf
2013-02-06 Taxpayers funding this bottomless (super sewer) pit South London Press
2013-01-31 A ‘Super Sewer’? It’s money down the drain Daily Mail
2013-01-27 Who will pay the bill for London’s £4.2bn supersewer? Sunday Times
2012-12-07 Thames Water under further pressure to rethink supersewer plans
2012-11-08 Government should not help finance super sewer says MP Southwark News
2012-10-18 Residents could be moved for Super Sewer Southwark News
2012-10-16 Supersewer tunneling set to force hundreds from their homes Evening Standard
2012-06-29 ‘Not Wanted’ – Supersewer site neighbours vent anger on water bosses South London Press
2012-06-22 Sewer protesters at showdown meeting South London Press
2012-05-22 Thames Water ‘not listening to supersewer fears’ Evening Standard
2012-05-18 Stakeholder disappointment at Thames Water tunnel decision
2012-05-18 Fury at sewer sites go-ahead South London Press
2012-05-17 Thames Water to press ahead with Chambers Wharf as ‘super sewer’ site
2012-05-03 Tunnel Vision – Rita Cruise O’Brien objects to a Thames Water scheme Financial World
2012-04-27 Boris Johnson orders rethink over Thames supersewer Evening Standard
2012-04-26 Pressure on Super Sewer Plan The Wharf
2012-04-24 Boris: Let’s take another look at the Thames supersewer Evening Standard
2012-04-19 Mayor Boris backs campaign against plans to build super sewer site in Chambers Wharf Southwark News
2012-04-17 Boris orders rethink on super sewer sites South London Press
2012-04-16 London Mayor expresses concerns about cost of Thames Tunnel Water Briefing
2012-04-04 Monitoring finds no more asbestos Southwark News
2012-03-27 Asbestos discovery halts work at supersewer site South London Press
2012-02-16 Residents oppose site The Wharf
2012-02-16 We don’t want a super sewer say kids Southwark News
2012-02-13 Thames Water says possible to construct the Thames Tunnel without Southwark site Water Briefing
2012-02-10 Hughes opposes sewer work site South London Press
2012-01-27 MP to pick side in sewer battle South London Press
2012-01-27 Bermondsey asks MP to save it from ‘unacceptable’ supersewer Evening Standard
2012-01-25 Thames Water supersewer lorries ‘will blight school for years’ Evening Standard
2012-01-24 Super sewer dust already landing on kids’ clothes’ South London Press
2012-01-20 Sir Patrick goes once more into the breach to fight supersewer Evening Standard
2012-01-19 BBC London News
2012-01-19 Residents voice fears over Thames Tunnel plan BBC News
2012-01-17 Council to oppose Thames Water plans for Shad Thames Pumping Station London SE1
2012-01-09 Stewart wades into sewer row
2012-01-09 Thames Water publishes supersewer compensation guide
2012-01-03 Sir Patrick Stewart boldly battles supersewer Evening Standard
2011-11-27 Thames Water’s ‘super sewer’ exhibition draws a crowd London SE1
2011-11-15 Opponents fuming over super sewer South London Press
2011-11-15 Super sewer site blow to park campaigners The Docklands & East London Advertiser
2011-11-10 Up to 50 trucks a day to pass school if sewer gets go-ahead Southwark News
2011-11-07 The flaws in the super-sewer. Ana Williams & Prof Chris Binnie, Consultant Engineer Evening Standard
2011-11-03 Super sewer ‘could take seven years to construct’ Southwark News
2011-11-04 New Thames sewer plans puts ‘trees before people’ BBC News
2011-11-03 Super-sewer’s price rise £500m Financial Times
2011-30-10 London’s £3.6bn super-sewer under fire Financial Times
2011-08-20 Chambers Wharf could become a three way ‘super sewer’ junction 8-16 News
2011-06-16 Sewer-cide threat Southwark News
2011-06-15 Sir Patrick Stewart kicks up a stink about super sewer The Docklands
2011-06-14 Thames Water comes up against Star Trek actor in sewer row South London Press
2011-06-13 Stewart Protests Sewer Plans Daily Star
2011-06-13 Stewart Protests Sewer Plans Daily Express
2011-06-13 Stewart Protests Sewer Plans OK! Magazine
2011-06-11 X-Men star Patrick Stewart protests against plan for £3.6bn sewer near home Daily Record
2011-06-11 Actor joins battle against super sewer Daily Telegraph
2011-06-10 Waste, The Final Frontier South London Press
2011-06-09 X-Men star Sir Patrick Stewart kicks up a stink about Bermondsey super sewer The Docklands
2011-06-09 Thames ‘super sewer’ plan for Bermondsey site opposed BBC News

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